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Cool Creek Commons

2508 E 146th Street

Carmel, IN 46033


Spring/Summer Hours:

M-F 10-8, Sat. 10-6, Sun 12-5

Indiana's only triathlon and road bike store.


Winter Indoor Cycling Programs Start November 3

Turbo-charge your cycling power and endurance with T3's all-new indoor cycling programs!

T3 is THE ONLY indoor cycling program using the world's most advanced indoor trainer: The Wahoo Kickr

Several Programs to choose from:

  • Two 8 Week Coach-Directed Classes
  • Friday Night King of The Mountain 
  • Saturday Long Rides
  • Open Training during regular business Hours

To Register stop in or call the store, 317-257-1117.

Space for Coach-directed classes is limited, so register early!  

Click here for complete details 

What is a Reverse Bicycle Auction?
A Reverse Bicycle Auction is a way for you to save big on a new bike, and us to move some inventory! 
How does it work?
Starting Friday (October 10th) all of our 2014 and older bikes are part of the Auction. Prices will drop another 5% off the previous sale price for 5 more Fridays or until the bike is sold.
Bids can be placed for any price level in advance with a $100 deposit.  If the bike is sold before it gets to that price level, your  deposit is refunded.
How do I bid?
Bids can be made in-store or over the phone.  Be sure to have the Bicycle Tag # & Bid Week ready when you  want to place your bid.
$100 deposit can be made via cash, check, or credit card.

BMC Bicycles: Ready To Ride!

BMC makes great road bicycles!

If you're dreaming of long rides on the open road, we've got the perfect BMC bicycle for you! Light, efficient and fast, each BMC incorporates advanced designs and materials for a premium ride experience. Come take a spin and see what BMC can do for you!

T3 is your Cycling and Triathlon Retailer Providing One Stop Shopping for the Brands You Trust, Services You Need, and knowledge You Require. 

We welcome EVERY kind of cyclist and have the bikes, accessories, apparel, and services you want.   Whether you are a new cyclist, cruiser or casual rider, fitenss rider, road cyclist, triathlete, cyclocross racer, gravel rider or a mountain biker, we are here to serve you!   We are the perfect place for beginners to buy their first bike, get apparel, and learn what it takes to get started.  For the advanced cyclists we have the level of products, expertise and bike tech services that serve your needs.


Look 675 - 2013
$3,350.00 - $3,500.00
$3,350.00 - $4,299.99
Guru CR.901 Medium

T3 Cycling & Triathlon • 2508 E. 146th St Carmel, IN • INFO@T3MULTISPORT.COM • 317-257-1117